Help PREVENT another
clot-related STROKE

A stroke happens when the flow of blood to the brain is disrupted or diminished, preventing brain tissue from getting oxygen and nutrients. Some brain cells begin to die, which can result in the loss of functions controlled by that part of the brain, such as walking or talking.

There are lifestyle changes you can make that may help prevent another clot-related stroke.

  • Be smoke free
  • Reduce alcohol
  • Enjoy daily exercise
  • Eat wholesome foods
  • Find the right weight for your body
  • Regularly check your blood pressure
  • See your doctor regularly
Here are a few questions you may want to ask your healthcare provider:
  • How does aspirin help prevent another clot-related stroke?
  • Can I take aspirin with other drugs, including other pain products?
  • What is the right dose of aspirin for me?
  • Do the daily vitamins I might be taking interfere with aspirin use?
  • What is the best exercise plan for me?
  • Should I take aspirin with food?
  • What is the best nutrition plan for me?


50% of STROKE RISK factors can be CONTROLLED through LIFESTYLE choices.


ASPIRIN is clinically shown to help LOWER THE RISK of another clot-related STROKE.

Consult your healthcare provider before using aspirin to help prevent another heart attack or clot-related stroke. Use as directed.